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Expansion Properties is owned and operated by the dynamic duo of Cole Skelly and Elizabeth Milder. They are both highly motivated entrepreneurs, and are committed to improving their community through their ventures.

Expansion Properties began its journey when Cole was 20 years old and invested in his first property.  After many properties and lessons learned, Expansion Properties was formed.  The initial investments were single family homes that were suited to help cover mortgage costs. However, Expansion Properties has now evolved into a full-scale property development company.

Their past two projects have been 3+ units. Expansion Properties now works with a team of experts that allow for more extensive projects. As a couple, Cole and Elizabeth have been able to build off of each others strengths, and have used their diverse skill sets to grow their portfolio to 10 units (and counting).

They are looking forward to continuing to expand their business in the future.


Cole & Elizabeth


Cole Skelly and Elizabeth Milder are the masterminds behind Expansion Properties.

Cole, a small town island boy from Shawnigan Lake, serves as project manager on the projects that Expansion Properties undergoes. He spent most of his young adulthood working his way up to management in the oil and gas industry. He is now well-respected in his industry and among the crews that he leads.

He loves to learn as much as he can, and is constantly looking for new ways to increase efficiency in investments and reduce risks. Real Estate is his passion, and this is one of the reasons Expansion Properties has been able to grow in the way it has.

Elizabeth, a big city girl from San Jose, makes sure that everything is running smoothly behind the scenes of Expansion Properties. She has had a diverse career which has spanned from sales in the financial service sector, to management and community development with Lululemon, to currently working as a health and safety consultant and technical writer in health and safety.

Elizabeth is passionate about helping empower women, and has recently developed a community and Vlog Series that is helping women connect to create a supportive network. This network’s aim is to help each other achieve goals and share experience in overcoming obstacles.

She has lots of energy and she channels this constructively into Expansion Properties which has allowed it to grow in the way that it has.



Community Partners




T-Square Design

Ivan Delano
Real Estate Agent

Munro Engineering

DEM Painting and Servies
Painting and Services



Vancouver Island Gutter
Gutter Installation

Ryzuk Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering

Titan Electric

AP Woodworks
Finishing Carpentry

Let's Work Together

Expansion Properties’ slogan, “Building For Your Future”, was deliberately crafted to represent both the high-quality properties that they create for their tenants, and also their mission to build their investors futures by adding immense value to any opportunities that are brought to the table.

Expansion Properties unique skill set exposes "diamonds in the rough" in the property market. Well versed in the Victoria market, and thoroughly acquainted with the permitting requirements in Victoria, leads to an efficiency demonstrated by few. By building an expansive team of punctual, creative, and hard-working experts within the industry, Expansion Properties is able to complete their projects in a time-efficient manner, to a very high degree of craftsmanship.

Expansion Properties is well-versed in the Tenancy Act, dealing with the Residential Tenancy Board, and have forged relationships with Landlord BC. They have painstakingly created a system to screen tenants efficiently. When all this is added up, it is clear that Expansion Properties has the skill set and the drive that results in risk-mitigation for their investments and investors.

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